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Candy Man Delivery Series Anthology by Graylin Rane

Candy Man Delivery Series Anthology

by Graylin Rane

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This anthology includes all six Candy Man Delivery Stories.

I have six flavors of chocolate man for you. Each short story has a happy ending and a happily every after!

The Greek god Eros picks a god to inhabit the stunning carved statue for the heroine’s lifetime so she can have her happy ending. These are women in their 30’s and 40’s who’ve loved, lost, and survived life.

Overall Blurb:

Master sculptor Viviana is pleasantly surprised to find a tall block of milk chocolate in her shops cooler with simple instructions. She’s to carve the perfect male figure, think of what she wants in a dream man, and then sprinkle the enclosed magic dust over the chocolate man. Adonis shimmers to light bringing passion, devotion, and love. They opened the Candy Man Delivery Service to share their joy and bring chocolate men to women who need complete devotion and lifelong passion.

TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE: Viviana’s heartbreak and betrayal by her ex-fiance’ is poured into her sculpting. While working on a statue of pure milk chocolate, she finds herself talking to the man emerging about her hopes, dreams, and desires. Sprinkling gold dust over his stunning finished form makes his body glitter as he comes to life taking her into his arms. Their passion ignites a side of her she’d given up on, can they survive the jealousy of her former flame to find love?

IRISH CREAM DREAMS: Mary Elizabeth owns an irish pub on the beach in South Florida. Picked by Eros to receive a chocolate man of her own, she struggles with doubts and insecurity. Joshua is carved perfection smelling of Irish Liqueur and Chocolate, can his sweetness get her to open up to everlasting love?

WHITE CHOCOLATE CHERRY: Julia is getting ready for work, her camerawoman and best friend Amy by her side, when a notice is left at her door. She’s been chosen to receive a sculpted chocolate man picked personally by Eros to fulfill her romantic and sexual needs. While other women would jump at the offer, Julia is torn. It’s been three years since she lost her beloved Jorge after twenty-five years of wedded bliss. How would she explain a chocolate man to her six kids? Anteros is carved perfection, luscious, and gorgeous with a surprise for her. He loves books and discussing history, he backs away when she feels a loyalty pull to her lost husband, respects her devotion to family. Time and patience pay off as Julia slowly opens her home, her body, and her heart.

APPLE CINNAMON SWIRL: Abby grew up in a military family, her father and grandfather served, so when the time came she enlisted without reservation. Then, her back was broken in an IED attack. Her Humvee was thrown sideways, killing her friends and leaving her to learn to walk again.Repairing her body took months, her limbs regained their flexibility through yoga. What did she have to offer, now? Abby gave everything to her job, being sent home at the end of the day to an empty house reminded her of lost friends. Trixie wagged her tail making her laugh, but it wasn’t the same. Then Viviana showed up at her house to tell her she’d been chosen. Her sister put in the request to help her ease the loneliness.Galen watched Abby before he inhabited the body of the statue to learn about the woman he will love throughout her life. He sees a tough warrior in need of unquestioning devotion who will resist him. His admiration for her sacrifices opens a doorway to her pain making her push him away. Galen didn’t take this assignment lightly, he’ll wait until she offers her heart to him, no matter how long it takes.

HOT CARAMEL PASSION: Ava’s skills as a chef took her from private celebrity chef to owner of Miami’s hottest new restaurant. Shy since kindergarten, she expressed her passions in the kitchen. Loneliness lowered her shoulders as the accolades faded at closing each night. At thirty-three, she was still single, preferring a crowded kitchen to a man across a small table. Her brother signed her up with Viviana, owner of The Candy Man Delivery Service. She’d been appalled until he showed her the picture of Viviana’s man, Adonis. Her anxiety quelled each day by a furious work schedule then ran rampant over her mind as she tried to sleep. Exhausted and shaking, she opens her condo door to find Marcus with caramel colored skin, dark hair, and intense brown eyes. He helps her bloom as she experiences complete devotion for the first time in her life.

DARK CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT: Alicia ended a lucrative modeling career to get her MBA. Trying to find work in a crowded job market discouraged her as the men she interviewed with wanted a stripper instead of an employee. Fellow model and friend, Susie, watches the light fade from Alicia’s light brown complexion and puts her name into contention for a Candy Man.Refusing to be discouraged, she decides to start her own modeling agency. Susie’s pregnancy announcement gives her an idea. An agency for models who are pregnant. Clothing lines need faces for maternity wear and the fashion industry hasn’t exploited that niche, yet. Her family, in town for Christmas, is fully supportive.There’s just one complication, she’s been chosen for a Candy Man. She’s not sure her dreams can come true with a statue. Would her family accept a man who started off as chocolate? Can Vangelis tempt her to stay home with him or will she pull her Dark Chocolate Peppermint man into the chaotic modeling world?


Candy Men wrapping up.

It has been a busy year for me in publishing. Six separate short stories (Candy Man), Contessa revised, edited, and released as a full length novel, and Red Lady, my second Arcane Court novel (written as Rane Sjodin) came out.

This is my eye candy post for the year. I hope these covers make you as happy as they make me.

Have some Candy Man wallpaper. 🙂


Irish Cream Dreams New Cover!

I got a new cover done for Irish Cream Dreams. It’s amazing! The spectacular Syneca Featherstone blew me away with her work.

I’m updating the series as it has grown to encompass 6 stories in 2014 and 3 more in 2015. The candy men will go on! Thank you so much for all of the love this series has gotten. I truly appreciate it.

Irish Cream Dreams

Mary Elizabeth owns an irish pub on the beach in South Florida. Picked by Eros to receive a chocolate man of her own, she struggles with doubts and insecurity. Joshua is carved perfection smelling of Irish Liqueur and Chocolate, can his sweetness get her to open up to everlasting love?

Sneak Peak:  

“Okay, here’s the deal.” I stood up. “I’ve been with men that treated me well and one who tried to kill me. You heard that right, tried to kill me. What I’ve never had is one who stayed. No matter what comes up; the bar loses money, I gain weight, and hurricanes rattle the building, whatever. I want you to stay. I’ll be as passionate about the things you love as you are. I’ll even fake it if I have to as long as you do the same for me. Just don’t leave me. If you raise a hand to me in anger, I’ll kick your ass, call the police, then shoot you myself.”

Damn, that had been built up for a while.

“You get what I’m saying. A partner, a friend, a lover, a confidante, someone to laugh at my jokes, tell me when I have spinach in my teeth, and hold me when I’m upset without trying to fix my problems.”

Stretching to grab the bag, I leaned fully into him. Was that a heartbeat? Startled, I jumped, spilling the magic down his side.

Tastes Like Chocolate: Scorching Hot Book Reviews Blog Hop


Happy Valentine’s Day

I’d like to give you some chocolate for your day. The kind without any calories. A man carved out of chocolate by a sculptor who got an A on her penises.



Viviana’s heartbreak and betrayal by her ex-fiance’ is poured into her sculpting. While working on a statue of pure milk chocolate, she finds herself talking to the man emerging about her hopes, dreams, and desires. Sprinkling gold dust over his stunning finished form makes his body glitter as he comes to life taking her into his arms. Their passion ignites a side of her she’d given up on, can they survive the jealousy of her former flame to find love?

Book Two in my Candy Man Delivery Service series of shorts comes out 3/10/2014 – IRISH CREAM DREAMS.

What’s your reading pleasure? 

I have two guilty pleasures when I read. I LOVE Action books. Kickass heroes and heroines who don’t apologize for what they have to do. Having a strong character who is comfortable in his/her skin is empowering.

The other is sweet, sappy, romance stories. I’ll eat up those stories like I’m popping candy from a Pez Dispenser. I started reading Halequin Romances in high school. None of the boys I was in school with were as cool and sexy as the heroes in my books. PLUS! A lot of the words in the books were on the ACT exam which helped me get a better score! Bonus!

Does your heart beat faster for a bad-boy?


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Clinical psychologist Ellie Quinn is starting a brand new job at a hospital in Savannah. She doesn’t expect the amorous attentions of quick-tempered ex-cop Owen Mata and handsome Russian surgeon Dmitri Komarnitskaia. But choosing between the two is soon the least of her worries. When she persuades a battered woman to leave her husband, Ellie finds herself the target of a sinister serial killer, and something about the case is making Owen increasingly unstable. Only with Dmitri does she feel safe, but if she can’t bring her psychological skills to bear to catch the killer, she won’t be the only one in danger.

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Earth Day Blog Hop – Love a Tree Read an eBook

Welcome to my stop along the Romance Me Highway of grass and Earth love.

This man counts as an Earth Day hunk. Just look at all that natural wood.


And now to completely change subjects. For this hop I’m posting a snippet of Your Biggest Fan, the ebook that is loaded on the reader for the winner. 😉

Mary’s first date with Dean… 

Dean walked her to the car, got her phone number, and they made a date for the following weekend. Mary checked her phone constantly. The ringer was never off, but just in case she bumped it and missed a call from Dean, she looked every hour. It charged by her bed at night in case he called. When Friday arrived, she had her clothes laid out three hours early. She took a bubble bath with scented soap, shaved, and put on scented lotion.
“You smell like dessert,” Ada told her, holding her nose.
“I want to smell girly,” Mary replied.
“Well, you succeeded,” Ada said as Mary finished applying lotion. “Now, sit down on the bed, and I’ll start on your hair.”
Ada had a talent for blow drying hair and making it look fabulous.
“Long and wavy,” Mary requested.
“You got it,” Ada pulled out a large, round brush and went to work.
The hum of the dryer prevented talking, so Mary let her mind wander. She wanted this to be the perfect first date. Dean sang and played guitar. Finally attracted the lead singer. And he was in college, with good grades. Mom will love him.
Her mother’s opinion mattered to her.
Ada finished her hair, and it was beautiful, falling in shiny waves down her back. She dressed casually in jeans and a tight sweater. A few bangles from her jewelry box on her wrist, silver stud earrings, and boots completed the outfit.
From their living room window, they watched Dean drive up in his convertible. He checked himself in the mirror before getting out of the car.
“How cute!” Ada exclaimed.
Mary felt her knees go a little weak. “Glad I’m not the only one who is nervous.”
He rang the doorbell, and Ada pulled the door open to reveal Mary standing in a sexy pose a few feet away, just as planned. His smile warmed her as Mary walked to Dean and put her hand into his offered one.
“You ready?”
“Yes,” she replied.
The top was up on the small convertible BMW as Dean helped Mary settle into the leather seat. She checked him out as he rounded the front of the car.
“I made some special arrangements,” Dean said, and started the car.
He maneuvered the car through campus and came to a stop just off Roth Way. He helped her out, and they walked over to the Meg Webster section of the Rodin Sculpture Garden. There, on the grass, was a beautiful blanket with a huge picnic basket on it.
“Do you like picnics?” he asked.
She only nodded as her eyes teared up and her heart beat faster.
“You are beautiful tonight,” he whispered in her ear as they walked.
The blanket was huge, anchored by the picnic basket on one corner and live, potted plants on the other three. Mary sat down, and when Dean joined her on the blanket, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
“Thank you,” she said.
“You are very welcome,” he replied. He caught her waist and pulled her into him. The kiss was slow, tender, and brief. Just as Mary began to melt, Dean pulled away and smiled at her. “We should eat while the food is still warm. Wine, my dear?”
“Yes, please,” Mary said.
The containers in the basket held homemade meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, and sautéed squash.
Dean’s homemade meatloaf melted on contact with your tongue. He was gorgeous. The moonlight streaming through the trees overhead made her feel like a princess from a movie. They ate in silence, and Mary didn’t want to disrupt the mood with the questions running through her head.
Are you real? Am I dreaming? You can cook? No, really, you can cook?
“That was delicious,” she said when she finished her meal.
He picked up their plates and placed them back into the basket. He held the wine bottle over her glass for a moment before she nodded yes.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
“Where did you learn to cook?” Mary asked.
“My mother taught me. She owns a restaurant just outside of Sausalito, and I grew up in the kitchen.” He grinned, and his eyes lit up when he spoke.
“You love it.”
“Yes, I love creating something out of nothing. I used to make new recipes when Mom let me.” He laughed. “Although, they weren’t always edible.”
She laughed with him. “Well, this was wonderful.”
“Thanks again.” He leaned toward her.
Their breath mingled as he hesitated for just a moment before kissing her. He was tender and took his time. The desire in Mary grew in intensity with every passing second. Dean lowered her to her back on the blanket and leaned over her.
“You let me know if you want me to stop.”
“I will,” she promised.
This kiss deepened, and he pressed his body on top of hers. As his hands roamed up and down her sides, she caressed his back and ran her fingers through his hair. His lips traveled to her neck, and she felt the cool breeze as he lifted her sweater and exposed her stomach. His fingers trailed up. He pushed his hands under her bra and gently massaged her breast. She adjusted her hips to close the gap between them and firmly grasped his waist.
His hands didn’t move to her jeans or even close to her waist. Her desire rose with the knowledge he would not press her to make love tonight. He caressed and kissed her face, but his lips never explored below her shirt. Only his hands massaged and rubbed her breasts until her nipples tingled and the cool breeze teased her.
Time had stopped for her. Enveloped in Dean’s strong arms, she didn’t want the night to end. When the urgency lessened, Mary searched his eyes for a reason.
“I want to give us a chance. I don’t think making love on the first date is a good idea,” Dean said.
A real gentleman. I’m in serious trouble here.

Remember to use the bar above to make your way through the hop. If you get lost, head back to and pick up where you left off…

Best of luck,



Romantic Times 2012

I got SWAG! Well, I went all nerdy and created a postcard for my titles and they are being printed now. I have to remember not to camp out by the mailbox. *twitch*



Hope to see you at the conference!


Stringing Lights

Today I’m stringing lights. When I get a great idea or a spark about a character or plot it catches my attention. Like, “OOOH Sparkly!” attention. I then have to figure out how to get from where I am over to the new sparkly light, and then the next one, and so on. I refer to this as “stringing lights” which is apropos given this time of year.

I’m not participating in #SixSunday this week for the fourth or fifth time in over a year. Really, 18 months? Be sure to check out the wonderful authors this week and I’ll get back to my sparklies.

Graylin Fox

A 9 out of 10 for Coming Home

I caught this on my Google Alert very late. Scary late. Like Nayuleska posted this in June and I catch it now.



So I am saying thank you for the review and I apologize for missing it before.

 You can read it here. 


Halloween Blog Hop 2011

Welcome to my stop on the Just Romance Me Halloween Blog tour. Comment below to qualify for a FREE copy of my novella Contagion. This scene is a standalone. Follow this hop to the end and fill out the form to win a kindle.

A Haunted Cabin in the Woods

The screams from the backyard grew louder and Tessa blinked as the sound pulled her from her memories. Halloween had been one of her family’s happiest times. Living in the Appalachian mountains, it was hard to scare the people who lived there. But one year, her father dressed up as a black bear and scared everyone. The evening started at sunset when her father put on his bear costume and wandered, on all fours, to the lake a hundred yards from the back porch. He made sure he was seen by the neighbor children. He recorded the sound of a frightened bear that had been caught in a trap over the summer. Her mother sewed a small music player and portable speakers into the costume. The sound echoed across the lake. Her brothers covered themselves in blood and intestines and ran screaming down the longest dock and dove into the lake. Halloween almost got cancelled that year. Until her dad took the bear outfit off and her brothers walked out of the lake laughing. He retold that story every year. He was a twisted man and I miss him.  

The screams in the backyard changed to yelling. Tessa pulled on the hat for her witch costume and walked outside to see what was going on. Jasper was a young dragon, fifty years old, fluorescent green, and currently had a neighbor child trapped on the back porch. As soon as the door closed behind Tessa, he wrapped both arms around her legs.

“Save me Miss Tessa. That animal is going to burn and eat me!”

She recognized Corey from the other side of the lake. He was a hefty boy of 10 or 11 and dressed as an ogre. Jasper hated ogres and the only thing that kept him from killing as many as possible in the Otherworld was his ogre allergy. He sneezed fire every time they got close so they won’t come near him.

“This is a child, Jasper.” Her smile let Jasper know she was okay with the boy being so scared his pants were wet. “You can let him go. He is not a real ogre.”

“I AM a real ogre,” Corey insisted. He stuck his lips out but didn’t dare turn his face away from hers.

“Dragons burn ogres with their breath, Corey. Do you want Jasper to burn you to death?” She asked.

“No ma’am.” He wiped tears from his face with his sleeves improving the makeup.

“Where are your parents, Corey?” She pulled the child off her leg.

“My brother brought me but when your dragon scared me, he took off.”

Teenage laughter came from the edge of the woods. “I’m right here you blubbering idiot.” A lanky teenage boy, yet to grow into his height approached the porch.

“Jasper, what do we do to bullies who abandon family in the woods?” Tessa asked Jasper.

The teenager’s face paled and he stopped a few feet from the porch.

Rusty, a goblin with a desire to be the worlds best chef, answered. “Jasper burns their clothes off and I barbecue them over the fire.”

Rusty pointed to his chef’s apron, “Cooking Raw” was written across his small chest in crimson red letters.

The teenager lunged for his brother, grabbed the boys small pudgy hands and took off. “I’m sorry to bother you Miss Tessa. And you have the best haunted house on the lake this year.” He yelled as they ran across the yard.

“Haunted house?” Rusty asked.

“They think you are wearing a costume Rusty.” Tessa answered laughing.

“But this is my favorite apron,” he replied with a hurt look on his face.

Tessa knew the boys would tell everyone in the neighborhood so she moved the candy dishes from the front to the back yard.
Dad would be proud.


Leave a comment, I’m giving away a copy of CONTAGION and a signed book card. 


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