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  Good Morning, I got up this morning to see the UK decided to leave the EU and Donald Trump’s first interview from Scotland included a promo spot for his new golf course. The world is freaking pear shaped right now. It blows my mind. It shouldn’t… but it does. Over here in Graylin land, I’m working on the second
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Coming Home & Your Biggest Fan – Rights Returned

As of December 1, 2015, I got the rights back for COMING HOME and YOUR BIGGEST FAN. I’m working on giving both stories a look through then I’ll re-release them. The new covers are amazing. They should be ready for upload in the next week.  

Contessa Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Contessa by Graylin Fox Giveaway ends September 16, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway **AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK** My cabin sits near a portal to the Otherworld. The Dark Fae are sending ogres to kill any humans who survived the plague they unleashed a year ago. First a baby dragon, then a goblin, show up looking
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Florida Supercon 2015 Pictures

Here are many of the pictures I took at Florida Supercon. It was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Many thanks to Chelle Olson (Literal Addiction to Detail – Owner), Erika Hayden, and Brandon Timothy for the entertaining days, including the 1.5 – 2 hour commutes each way every day. We were very sleep deprived and giddy on Sunday
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Fans of Contagion and Bloodlines…Update

Tessa is returning! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year revising the entire series. Instead of three novellas, her story will be told in one full sized novel. Decadent Publishing has been amazingly supportive throughout this process. See, I’m a different author now than I was 4 years ago when I wrote CONTAGION.  I got better *face
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Things have been unsettled in my day job circumstances. This made my writing job more chaotic. Fun, even if less productive. I’m releasing Death Dealer on tuesday under the pen name Rane Sjodin (it’s Swedish, a family name). I’m still revising the Summer Fae series with an eye to publishing in December. Then I have more ideas for funny romantic
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Tessa’s Story Tease

Since I announced the changes to the SUMMER FAE series, I’ve made some additions to the first book. I am combining all three separate novellas into one long novel, adding a lot of detail. CONTAGION is about Tessa, a small pale woman raised in the Appalachian mountains. She survived an apocalyptic plague that killed millions, including her family. This snippet
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Fall 2013 Book Updates

This website has required do-overs on two occasions. This time there was something wrong in a database. A problem the hosting company had to fix and it prevented the wordpress from working well. This is, hopefully, the last incarnation. I have a new pen name, Rane Sjodin. You can find the website HERE. The first book in the Arcane Court series
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Summer Fae: Contagion and Bloodlines pulled for special project

Contagion and Bloodlines rights have been returned to me, at my request. First, thank you to Decadent Publishing for being accommodating. I’m revising the series into a single full length novel, adding The Legacy to the end. I’ll post updates as they happen, please be patient as I get a rare chance to up the storytelling and quality of already
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Join me for the RT Convention eBook Expo!

RT Convention Expo – 4-6 pm Thursday May 2, 2013.  You CAN participate right where you are. This year, in conjunction with All Romance eBooks, you can purchase any of the books being sold with a QR Code. Here is mine. Scan it and pick one of my titles! It’s that easy.                
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