One of my clients complimented my hair recently and found out I’m capable of doing a full informercial in 10 minutes flat. I love Wen. It’s an unnatural passionate love for hair care that can keep my “so thin you can see through it in the pool” fine hair healthy even on bad hair days.

Holy Crap

Wen was created by Chaz Dean, a colorist, to keep the color in his clients hair longer. Well hell, sign me up. I had to start coloring my hair when I was 30. For some odd universal entity decided that at the exact moment I grew out gray hairs, my blonde hair would darken, but only at the roots. Nice joke.

I had to start coloring my hair and it takes a toll. My hair is so fine a five minute breeze outside works as well as the best hair dryer. My hair started thinning. CRAP! Not the best thing.

I found Wen in 2012. I tried it for a while but it was expensive and I didn’t see much of a difference. Turns out, I used it wrong. So after watching Chaz tell everyone over and over how to use it on QVC, I ordered a small bottle and gave it another chance.

That’s it, I’m hooked. I have all the “flavors” and my clients compliment my hair, which never happened before. Not only that, I keep the replenishing mist spray in my desk at the office. The Winter Vanilla Mint one… nom nom nom.. so any flyaways, caught in the rain during lunch, I’m feeling nasties, can be sprayed away in a few spritzes.

I’m all in with this now. I have the oils to condition your scalp that I use once a week and the travel packets (2 oz. each) so I can take it on the road with me.

See you next week,