What previously was CONTAGION – BLOODLINES – THE LEGACY is now one full length novel.


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Tessa learns she’s an elf, her ex-boyfriend might be evil, and her biological parents could be Otherworld royalty all while fighting a genocidal maniac and his psychopathic mother. 

Blurb:  My cabin sits near a portal to the Otherworld. The Dark Fae are sending ogres to kill any humans who survived the plague they unleashed a year ago.  First a baby dragon, then a goblin, show up looking for me. That’s when the fairy I’d known for a year decides to tell me I’m an elf and my high school boyfriend runs the Dark Fae.

I went from human with a bad breakup to a fairy tale creature that was still in love with a killer in three days. A trip through the Otherworld portal shows me my birthplace and dangles the promise of a happy ending I thought was gone. Confronted with true evil, I have to learn my ice magic while fighting for my life.

With rekindled love and a new family to protect, I’ll have to battle a psychotic elf with lightning power. One bolt and I’ll disintegrate. One of us won’t survive. 

The second story, and wrapping up Contessa’s series, will be out in late November 2016. I Do, But First… cleans up the Otherworld, sees Contessa’s wedding, and leaves the place ready for the kids she’s planning on.