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Editing and Consulting Services

Psychology/Mental Health Consultation:

If your plot line or character is dealing with anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm (cutting), suicide, homicide, psychosis, addiction or substance abuse (yes, they’re different), PTSD (I’ve worked with hundreds of soldiers and can help with PTSD that is battle specific), eating disorders, dealing with a cancer, or HIV/AIDS diagnosis…   This can either include a full read of your book or a one hour consultation by video where you bring your questions and I answer all of them. Or both.

Read through for accuracy of psychological content: 2 cents per word

One hour consultation by Video (I have a secure online office that is confidential and peer-to-peer encrypted) or phone: $200.

Both a read through and a follow up video/phone: 4 cents per word.


General Editing Services: (This can include college papers on Psychological subjects)

Proofreading – 1 cent per word.

Content Editing – 1 cent per word.

Final Line Edits – 2 cent per word.

All three passes for one book – 4 cents per word

Email: GraylinFox@gmail.com

Graylin Fox



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