My Favorite Series

Any time I take a break from writing, I’m reading. I love to lose myself in someone’s else’s world for a day or two. If that includes some fantasy and ass kicking, even better. Here are the series I follow. … Continue reading

My Inspiration

I started reading when I was four years old. I was always fascinated by books like The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Grimm’s fairy tales. A part of me always believed that magic was real. That part is … Continue reading

Happy New Year

This year I have been very blessed. Professionally, I completed all of my psychology studies and joined a wonderful practice that keeps me on my toes every day. As a writer and poet, I’ve had 6 poems published this year … Continue reading

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Quotes

Albert Einstein: I can’t believe that God plays dice with the universe. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. E = MC^2: Energy equals mass times the speed of light … Continue reading

A Newtonian Universe

Stirring up trouble I participated in a Twitter chat last Friday with fellow science-fiction/fantasy writers, in which it was suggested by one commenter that it would be a good idea for a writer to study science in order to better … Continue reading

Review: Vampire Assassin

(I’m nice when I review books – Cheesy, bad movies. No such luck.) This is the movie for people who loved the concept behind Blade but thought the acting and special effects were just way too good. It was awful. … Continue reading

Jumping the Fence

I’ve been attending science fiction conventions since the early 80s, long before I was writing seriously.  As a result, I have seen cons from a lot of different viewpoints: the wide-eyed newbie, the organizer climbing through the ranks of various concoms,  helping … Continue reading

“I’m a Geek Girl, world! Deal with it!”

Watching this week’s episode of ” The Big Bang Theory,” I was reminded that it takes all kinds of people to make a well-rounded society.  Think about it for a minute.  If there weren’t so-called normal people, how would we recognize … Continue reading