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2017 Plans and Changes

In 2017 I’m making changes to my writing schedule. Over the past few years, I’ve released one or two full length novels. It’s getting more difficult as I maintain a full time job. So, I’m going back to my beginning and writing short. I began as a poet and I’ll return to writing poetry and short stories. After I DO
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I wrote this poem after 9/11. It still applies today. I’d hoped it would never be relevant again. Boston, you remain in my thoughts, even after they catch the men involved, as you heal. Resilience The smoke still rises from NY and DC the work could take months to complete but we excel at repair and rebuild We fought to
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Lessons published by The Stray Branch

I’m proud to announce that my poem LESSONS was published in the latest edition of The Stray Branch. You get buy it on CREATESPACE. The Amazon page is HERE. The cover art is amazing and copyrighted so I give you a lovely mechanical heart to enjoy until you click and see Amber Berk’s cover. Thanks! Graylin

Spreading the Love Blog Hop

Welcome to my small stop on the Spreading Love Blog Hop and Happy Valentine’s Day!   Unconditional Love Your heart is in my hands you gave it without my asking and now I feel both joy and fear   It has been so long since I was loved so completely and totally that I’m afraid   I hope I can
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Valentine’s Treats

This weeks Thursday Treats are joining with Free Poem Friday for the Valentine’s weekend. Look for the Blog Hops and Six Sunday posts that will show up on this blog on the 12th and 13th. Here is the first poem I wrote, the one that started it all. Still love it.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Valentine’s
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Happy New Year

This year I have been very blessed. Professionally, I completed all of my psychology studies and joined a wonderful practice that keeps me on my toes every day. As a writer and poet, I’ve had 6 poems published this year and am currently completing revision and edits on TWO Novella’s that will be released by Decadent Publishing next year.  
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Halloween Blog Tour Stop

Welcome to my small section of the Book Nibbles Halloween Blog Tour! I’ve tried to get this story/poem/prose accepted a number of times. Maybe it’s just slightly gross for some folks. That makes it perfect for here… The servant lumbers on. A door creaks and foul stenches hit you with the force of a blow. He enters a dimly lit
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House of Horror Anthology Available

The House of Horror Anthology – Best of 2010 is now available to order. When you order, if you use my name on the order form – I GET PAID!  So, check it out and order it.  

Folded in Darkness – In Dark Horizons 57

Apparently went I moved my blog, I missed keeping this publication announcement. FOLDED IN DARKNESS is a dark poem that was accepted for publication by Dark Horizons last spring. The link to the contents of this wonderful, members driven, paper publication is here. I hope you get a copy and be sure to let me know what you think of
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House of Horror Best of 2010

My poem ‘Blood Bound’ was picked to be included in this Anthology. I’m very grateful and flattered. The book is now available for pre-order! If you mention my name on the order form, I get paid… soo.. chat away!!! Graylin   (Jan 2012: Updated the website. The book is available at the link above!)