All Romance QR Code

This year at the Romantic Times Convention the eBooks available will be any of them on the All Romance site. So, they had us set up QR codes you can scan with free apps on your phones to take you there. … Continue reading

My Favorite Series

Any time I take a break from writing, I’m reading. I love to lose myself in someone’s else’s world for a day or two. If that includes some fantasy and ass kicking, even better. Here are the series I follow. … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

This year I wrote 3 books. For me, thats HUGE. Next year I’m planning 4 books. The 3rd Summer Fae book is in progress already. This time Tessa faces her sister, who may not be related by blood after all. … Continue reading

BLOODLINES Released Today!

Bloodlines: The Second Summer Fae Story BLURB: Six months ago, Tessa and her friends saved humanity by preventing the spread of a deadly virus. Now, they’ve returned to their normal lives in their cabin nestled amid the Appalachian Mountains, slowly … Continue reading

Back into the dark beginnings

I started a new series recently and with each day I write it becomes darker. I love it. I had wandered away from the grotesque twisted poetry that built my writing career and now I get to play in the … Continue reading

Coming Home is FREE – Get your FREE Story!

Coming Home is FREE on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program from NOW to March 12th Midnight PST. This deal is for Kindle Owners who are Prime Members. And I just checked the site and it is already in effect. GO!!!!!!!! … Continue reading

Romantic Times 2012

I got SWAG! Well, I went all nerdy and created a postcard for my titles and they are being printed now. I have to remember not to camp out by the mailbox. *twitch*     Hope to see you at … Continue reading

My Inspiration

I started reading when I was four years old. I was always fascinated by books like The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Grimm’s fairy tales. A part of me always believed that magic was real. That part is … Continue reading