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2016 Plans

After taking the month of December mostly off, I still thought about my upcoming books, I’m ready to tackle the 3 full length novels I’m writing this year. For the Arcane Court fans, FANGED DECEPTION will be out in October (as is normal for Cim & Wretch), CONTESSA”s second novel will be out late this summer, and Kenna – the
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Animate Miami

This was a fun weekend. Here are the photos from my real camera. They are much clearer than any iPhone picture I’ve ever taken.  

Shadowed Vengeance Release Day!

As a Dragon Lord of the Arcane Court, it’s my job to hunt down demons who toy with or kill humans. My bonus is the magic I absorb sucking down their putrid squirming souls.  The new local demon lord, Kragen, is the oldest living drug dealer and we blew up his primary warehouse in Vegas last year. I’m sure he’s
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FB Party for Cover Reveals!

I changed the covers for my Arcane Court books to something darker. Well, they look amazing and I’m having a party to celebrate! Stop by and ask my characters questions as I reveal the new Arcane Court covers and talk about the new Fae series starting in 2016. I set up the FB Event to reveal the new covers.. If
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Name Merging – Rane Sjodin back to Graylin Fox

In a continuing effort to simplify my online life, I merged the Graylin Fox and Rane Sjodin websites. I’m now taking another step and going back to using Graylin Fox as my only pen name. The Candy Man Books will remain Graylin Rane. 😉 But the Arcane Court books, in mid-design change now – will be Graylin Fox books soon.
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Indie Book Fest 2015

I’m heading to Orlando in a few weeks for Indie Book Fest. Come by and say hello! There is a book signing on Saturday that is Open to the Public. Bring your books or buy them at the con from the authors. Friday 9 AM Welcome Keynote by Jana Oliver 9:30-10:15 AM Panels 1-Making Your Story Unique: Coming Up With Fresh
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Florida Supercon 2015 Pictures

Here are many of the pictures I took at Florida Supercon. It was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Many thanks to Chelle Olson (Literal Addiction to Detail – Owner), Erika Hayden, and Brandon Timothy for the entertaining days, including the 1.5 – 2 hour commutes each way every day. We were very sleep deprived and giddy on Sunday
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Paperback Pricing

I’ve updated the prices on all paperbacks. Here is why: I use Createspace, the Amazon distribution for paperbacks. They set the prices. Yes, you read that right. They set a minimum price for each book depending on length and distribution channels. The top image is when I chose Expanded Distribution (sites other than Amazon). I make $4.57 per sale out
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The Great Convergence

After close to two years of having two websites, two facebook accounts, and two twitters for my pen names, I’m merging them. Graylin Rane – Paranormal Romance short stories – The Candy Man Delivery series has been  very popular. Seriously, who doesn’t like carved chocolate statues? Graylin Fox – Urban Fantasy – and anything that doesn’t fall in other categories.
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Florida SuperCon

I’ll be at Florida SuperCon this June 25th-28th. It’s a large comic con held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. You can find me at the red booth – 1927. Over by the food. I have enough bookmarks for a library, stop by, chat about anything, and get some swag to take home. Rane