Upcoming Events 2017 – 2018

Where you can find me…

2017 July 27th – 30th – Florida Supercon – It’s a Comic Con and this year it’s in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll have an artists table. When the locations are posted, I’ll add a map with my table.


2017 Sept 28 – Oct 1st — Indie Book Fest in Orlando.

Convention Website: http://indiebookconvention.com/



May 15 – 20th Reno Nevada – RT Booklovers Convention

Convention Website: http://rtconvention.com


2018 – Dates and Location unknown — StokerCon

It’s the convention for the Horror Writers Association (I’m a member).

2017 site: http://stokercon2017.org – I had to cancel my plans to be there.

Animate Miami

This was a fun weekend. Here are the photos from my real camera. They are much clearer than any iPhone picture I’ve ever taken.



The lovely Chelle Olson with my table set up.


Brandon Timothy posing with the Dark Chocolate Peppermint book cover. He kept forgetting which arm goes over his head. 😉

Right side

Chelle Olson set up the table.

Left side.

Other side of the table top.

Table with Banner

Chelle Olson and Brandon Timothy with the newly hung banner.


Chelle Olson and Brandon Timothy. Day one, before the con exhaustion kicked in.


Deadpool has seen better days.


I love the Yoda backpack.


Dark Chocolate Peppermint man with Pikachu.


I played dress up on Saturday.


The ladies of Hazzard Ink, right across the hall from us.


A couple of my favorite costumes.

Name Merging – Rane Sjodin back to Graylin Fox


In a continuing effort to simplify my online life, I merged the Graylin Fox and Rane Sjodin websites. I’m now taking another step and going back to using Graylin Fox as my only pen name. The Candy Man Books will remain Graylin Rane. 😉 But the Arcane Court books, in mid-design change now – will be Graylin Fox books soon.

One name to organize them all…

Florida Supercon 2015 Pictures

Here are many of the pictures I took at Florida Supercon. It was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Many thanks to Chelle Olson (Literal Addiction to Detail – Owner), Erika Hayden, and Brandon Timothy for the entertaining days, including the 1.5 – 2 hour commutes each way every day. We were very sleep deprived and giddy on Sunday nights drive home.


Superheroes Supercon2015 Swarm The Green Goblin - Spiderman - Supercon2015 The Joker Supercon2015 Three Musketeers Supercon2015 Supercon2015 Steampunk Supercon2015 Scary Supercon2015 Rogue & Grover Supercon 2015 Renaissance Festival at Supercon Rampage Supercon2015 Prey Supercon2015 Pirate Day 1 Owner Holy Shah Beads Day 1 NestleQuikBunny MST3K Tom Servo Supercon2015 Lu of ShopVeralu Lu & Stephanie Day 1 Jurassic Park Car Supercon2015 Jon Snow Game of Thrones Supercon2015 Joker Supercon2015 Joker and Harley Jason Vorhees Supercon2015 Holy Shah Beads as Harley He was going for Totoro Face Painting Toothless Exquisite Supercon2015 Han Solo Princess Leia Supercon2015 Groot Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy Gorgeous Supercon2015 Elsa Frozen Supercon2015 Deadpools with a Mini car Darth Vader Supercon2015 Dark & Dangerous Supercon2015 Cobra Commander Supercon2015 Christophe and Sven Chelle and Jigsaw Chelle - Literal Addiction to Detail Castiel Supernatural Supercon2015 Captain America Photobombed Supercon2015 Brandon Timothy as Pan - Grover Black Widow Supercon2015 Beetlejuice Lydia and Chelle Bane Supercon2015 Anonymous Elf Supercon2015 Agent Carter Supercon2015 Alien Balloon Creature Supercon2015 All Ready To Go Day 1 Amazing Supercon2015 Angry Gingerbread Man Supercon2015

Paperback Pricing

I’ve updated the prices on all paperbacks. Here is why: I use Createspace, the Amazon distribution for paperbacks. They set the prices. Yes, you read that right. They set a minimum price for each book depending on length and distribution channels.

The top image is when I chose Expanded Distribution (sites other than Amazon). I make $4.57 per sale out of $14.99. Amazon keeps the rest.


Screenshot 2015-05-24 08.28.22

Here you can see I make  $1.57 when I eliminate everything but Createspace and Amazon.com. To try and keep the price down, I’m adjusting all of my paperbacks to the cheaper option. I hope you understand why. The changes should hit Amazon.com this weekend.

Screenshot 2015-05-24 08.30.01

Florida SuperCon


Candy Man Delivery series Anthology


I’ll be at Florida SuperCon at the Miami Beach Convention Center June 25th – 28th.

I own Dark Fantasy Press and will be in that booth space #1927. I will have some books to sign with me, including the Candy Man Delivery Series paperback with all six stories in it! It came out to 300 pages in paperback. Wooo!!

I’ll have some of my Rane Sjodin books as well as copies of Contessa to sign. I’ll bring cover cards, business cards, and some book marks.

Come on down to the sun and say hello!

Graylin Rane Fox  / Rane Sjodin

Jumping the Fence

I’ve been attending science fiction conventions since the early 80s, long before I was writing seriously.  As a result, I have seen cons from a lot of different viewpoints: the wide-eyed newbie, the organizer climbing through the ranks of various concoms,  helping organize a Nebula weekend, chairing a World Horror Convention and a Potlatch, and finally jumping the fence to become a professional writer, and sit on the other side of the table.

This past weekend we (the DH and I) attended Radcon, a fabulous convention in Pasco, Washington.  We had a blast hanging out with friends from several states, talking about books and writing and agents and writing.  I can highly recommend the convention, and they really love their guests.  But there are differences between going to a con as a fan, and jumping the fence to the pro side.

Certainly cons have changed, but the difference between attending as a fan, or even a con runner, and as a pro are greater than I could have anticipated – at times almost overwhelming.

I think the biggest change for me was realizing that I am “on stage” and working at all times.  There is no longer the safety of being unknown, or being able to say or do the silliest or most outrageous things without worrying (too much) about the consequences.  Sure, I’m not going to be stalked by the paparazzi any time soon, but I still need to maintain a certain acceptable level of behavior.

You want an example?  OK, here’s my most embarrassing (anonymous) moment.  Many years ago my husband attended a World Fantasy Convention in Seattle.  We couldn’t afford two memberships, so I went with him and hung out in the lobby, reading.  At one point I ran into some fans I knew, who were running the Hospitality suite, and I offered to help.  I ended up running trays, picking up dirty dishes, and being a general dog’s-body for Hospitality – without a badge to give away my name.

At one point Ed Bryant walked by.  I had recently read his story “While She
Was Out.”  (If you haven’t read it, go track it down.  It is one of the best short stories.  Ever.)  I walked up to him, carrying my tray, and gushed all over him about how great that story was.  Ed was a bit taken aback (terrified might be a better description!) but he managed to stammer his thanks.  At that point my sanity returned and I realized how crazed I must sound.  I looked at him, smiled weakly, and said “And I’m not wearing a badge, so you don’t even know who I am,” and fled.

Of course I confessed to a friend, who knew Ed and immediately outed me, and I am sure I’ve been forever enshrined in Ed’s memory as that crazy woman from Seattle.  (I’ve moved, and considered changing my name – but I can’t afford plastic surgery. )

Would I dare to do that now?  Not on your life!  In fact, the shoe is now on the other foot.  If I ever write a story as good as “While She Was Out” (just in case you’ve forgotten the title), I may be subject to a crazy-fan attack. If so, I hope I can be as gracious – and calm – as Ed was.

But my point is that I can no longer behave that outrageously in public, without risking becoming the subject of gossip and derision.  I am no longer an anonymous fan without a badge, I am a pro with my name emblazoned across my chest, my picture in the program book, and my voice heard on panels.

I’ve been on the other side of the fence.  I know how fans and concoms talk
about pros who are obnoxious, demanding, and self-important.  I know word gets around about who drinks too much, gets grabby with other people’s spouses, or trashes hotel rooms.  I know that my behavior will be judged as an individual, not as an anonymous part of the convention attendees, and I have to act accordingly.

Still, it’s a small price to pay for the chance to meet readers and other writers, to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  And maybe, just maybe, find someone who loves your work so much they act a little crazy.

Christina F York