Tastes Like Chocolate: A Candy Man Delivery Story


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Viviana’s heartbreak and betrayal by her ex-fiance’ is poured into her sculpting. While working on a statue of pure milk chocolate, she finds herself talking to the man emerging about her hopes, dreams, and desires. Sprinkling gold dust over his stunning finished form makes his body glitter as he comes to life taking her into his arms. Their passion ignites a side of her she’d given up on, can they survive the jealousy of her former flame to find love?

Graylin Rane

This is the first of SIX Candy Man Delivery Service books.

Candy Man Delivery Service:

Tastes Like Chocolate – Happy Valentines Day.

Irish Cream Dreams – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

White Chocolate Cherry – Happy Fourth of July!

Apple Cinnamon Swirl – The heroine is a military veteran for Memorial Day.

Hot Caramel Passion – Happy Halloween with a caramel man!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint – Merry Christmas!



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