Alicia ended a lucrative modeling career to get her MBA. Trying to find work in a crowded job market discourages her, as she contemplates making a living in a bikini again. Fellow model and friend, Susie, watches the light fade from Alicia’s dark brown complexion and puts her name into contention for a Candy Man.

Unaware of her friends idea for her future, Alicia continues her job hunt. She arrives for an interview only to find the interviewer in board shorts with an obvious erection. Appalled, she runs out followed by his assistant begging for autographs until she kicks him off the elevator.

Humiliated and discouraged, she starts her own modeling agency. Calling friends in for favors helps her with a successful launch. Now, for a man. As she sits in her condo watching the lights dance across Biscayne Bay, her phone rings. She’s been chosen for a Candy Man. Can Vangelis tempt her to stay home with him or will she pull her Dark Chocolate Peppermint man into the chaotic modeling world? Can their new relationship survive the tug-of-war?