The second Candy Man Delivery story (Tastes Like Chocolate was first). We’re back in that small beachside South Florida town. Mary Elizabeth runs an Irish pub and she’s preparing for St. Patrick’s Day when she gets the call… 

“Mary Elizabeth, this is Viviana with Candy Man Delivery. You’ve been chosen to receive a man of your choice. Eros chose the flavor for you, I’ll sculpt a perfect male form for you, and he’ll be delivered after your bar closes on St. Patrick’s Day. Will that work for you?”
I wanted to shout yes.
“That would be fine.” I think my voice squeaked.
Her laugh was genuine. “Being nervous is okay. Be sure to write down what you want to ask for. I deliver him already sculpted. You tell Eros what you want in your man, and it will determine the personality infusing your statue. He picks an actual God to inhabit it who fits your needs.”
“Okay.” My fingers drummed on the desk. This was happening. I remembered to be polite, even when distressed, just like the nuns taught me. “Thank you, ma’am. I look forward to meeting you.”
“Congratulations, Mary Elizabeth. You’ll be very happy.”
Happy? I was ecstatic. Viviana’s chocolate man became a legend in the last month. The local Chamber of Commerce buzzed for weeks about how the single women members could get one of her own. That’s when Viviana showed up for a meeting and told us the story.
I didn’t believe her. Drunks at my bar had better imaginations. Then Adonis walked in. All doubt vanished in a cloud of hot chocolate scented lust. I have to say, my sweets cravings escalated lately. I blamed, and thanked, him.
Maybe I wouldn’t need another batch of batteries this year. Blushing at the thought, I found myself recounting the drawer four times before I’d paid attention.