Today I’m off. I’m curling up on the couch with a seriously cute cat, bowls of coffee, and my DVR. That doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about books..

RED LADY: an Arcane Court Book (the second) is doing laps in my mind.

Meet Wretch. Wretched Spawn is 1200+ years old, born to a demon mother and dragon father. His demon family was so furious his mother didn’t abort him that they’ve spent centuries trying to kill him.

He has a smooth face, dresses with style, and more money than any human. The hero Cimmerian, a full dragon, is his best friend. Together they protect the humans of New Orleans from Wretch’s family and other rogue demons.

Here is a stock photo that fits my image of Wretch. Beautiful, dangerous, damaged.

2012-08-02 20.54.11

Book one in the series:

DEATH DEALER – The first in the series is Available on all ebook platforms and in paperback on Amazon.