One year passed by quickly.

This year I’ll be releasing TEN titles. Shew!

Red Lady – is the second Arcane Court novel which will come out this summer.

Untitled – is a shorter length novella coming out this fall. It’s set in the same world as the Arcane Court. For those of you who’ve read the book, the main character is an emergency room nurse in New Orleans. She knows Angie (from Death Dealer) and has a half-demon daughter going through puberty. The father shows up, charmer that he is, and tries to keep the human world in thrall with his seduction skills.

There will be six Graylin Fox shorts coming out on the same theme as my Red Hot Valentine book, Candy Man Delivery Services.

Two more Graylin Fox books are in the works with one of my publishers. One is the updated/revised Summer Fae series, which is now one looong novel. The other is a short paranormal erotic romance based on the blog character I created, Gina the Bounty Hunting Werewolf.

Happy New Year!