I self published this book and am doing my post-mortem here in public. Here’s why, I’m usually very good at electronics. I made my living as a computer technician for a decade. Yet, this still kicked my ass.

As of now: 7:55 am EDT 10/30/2013 – All versions have gone live.

There are two covers because my original cover artist has been seriously ill. She was unable to get the paperback cover ready. Both covers are live on Barnes & Noble and I’m leaving it that way. They both deserve to have the covers out there.

Each site requires a different format to upload, I didn’t have a problem with that. However, the headers and footers (read PAGE NUMBERS) didn’t make it into the Amazon Paperback version. I could be distressed over this, instead I laughed. Hard. I have a 414 page paperback out there without page numbers. I’m working on fixing it today and will upload a new “interior” file to fix it. [9 am my time: Page numbered versions should be live within 24 hours.] New version is available complete with headers and footers.

Matchbook: I signed Death Dealer up for this immediately. When you buy the paperback version of the book, you should get the Kindle version for FREE. If you don’t, email me and let me know. If I have to send it to you, you will get it. The size of the book combined with the distribution rights forced the minimum price I could charge to double what I wanted. If I can fix that when I change the page numbers, I’ll do it. I wanted to charge $7.99.

The Amazon store hasn’t linked the books yet:




Smashwords was Amazing! They hand hold you through the process, pointing out specific errors as you go. The new PreOrder option allowed me to fix all the problems with the book AND make sure it went live on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords automatically. I highly recommend using them when you self publish. Here is the book on their site. 

I hope you enjoy the book,