Things have been unsettled in my day job circumstances. This made my writing job more chaotic. Fun, even if less productive.

I’m releasing Death Dealer on tuesday under the pen name Rane Sjodin (it’s Swedish, a family name).

I’m still revising the Summer Fae series with an eye to publishing in December.

Then I have more ideas for funny romantic stories than my head can hold. I’ll start typing those up in January and will announce contracts and publication dates as they happen.

I’m now located in South Florida, again. I LOVE it here. I’m a beach baby at heart.

2013-10-22 16.03.18

So I’ll leave you with a picture. A friend I were at the beach earlier this week and this guy stood at the edge of the water posing for AN HOUR. Really. Then he went into the ocean swimming to keep his hair dry. I’d like to thank him for the afternoon of laughter.