[Cimmerian is a 6’5″ dragon shifter. His best friend Wretch is a 6’0″ dragon-demon hybrid. They fight. Often.]

I heard a deep slow breath behind me at the door. We weren’t alone. Someone spun me around pulling hard on my right wing. I turned around as a fist slammed into my face. It stung a little bit. My opponent, clearly a demon, paused when I smiled. He smiled back so I punched him in the face. His head snapped back, and he vanished. Pulling my wings behind me, I backed up to get a clear view of the room.

Wretch looked like he’d taken the worst in his fight, but he smiled and waited for his opportunity.

“You know you aren’t supposed to play with your kill,” I said.

His demon gawked at me. Wretch’s fist collapsed his head over his left ear, freezing the expression on his broken face. My demon popped up in front of me, but had his direction wrong. His back was to me.

“I was prevented from killing two demons earlier, and then you came by to beat me. That was a very bad idea.” My voice lowered to a growl.

As I spoke, he turned toward me, keeping part of his attention on his friend’s inability to heal his wounds. Wretch reached out waving his hand in front of the barely conscious demon whose eyes registered terror. He couldn’t move after Wretch pinned his arms behind him. His attempted shifts didn’t work as I watched his feet fade and return.

“This doesn’t happen often. I wonder how long it will take him to fully vanish?” Wretch was amused.

“We have a couple of hours to watch before we need to be anywhere,” I replied.

The demon in front of me stared at his friend. Unable to move and frightened, from the smell of him, he was in awe of Wretch. Our coolness in this situation had to unnerve him. He did his best to hide it.

“Do you want to try this with yours?” Wretch asked.

“I’m not sure he’d do it willingly. Yours is now shifting all the way to his knees. Seems the effect is wearing off.”

Wretch flexed his hand, and dragon talons sprung from his fingers. He took one swipe across the neck, and the demons head dangled by tearing skin. Demon blood is thicker than human blood, so it oozed down his shirt gluing it to him.

The demon in front of me turned backing away. I lunged forward grabbing him. “Your turn.”

His head fit in my taloned hand. My scales gripped his sweat soaked skin. A quick twist and his neck snapped. His soul wove its way out of his mouth, and I sucked it in. Power filled my chest and the tingle of magic moved throughout my body.  The demons ashes fell to  the ground. “I’ll check the street.”


Release Date: 10/29/13.