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This website has required do-overs on two occasions. This time there was something wrong in a database. A problem the hosting company had to fix and it prevented the wordpress from working well. This is, hopefully, the last incarnation.

Death_Dealer_facebook_rev1I have a new pen name, Rane Sjodin. You can find the website HERE. The first book in the Arcane Court series will be released on Tuesday, October 29, 2013. The second book has 30k wordswritten. It will be released next fall. Next summer, there will be a book set in that world released as well. The Rane Sjodin site, FB, and Twitter accounts will announce those releases.


For those of you waiting to see what happens to Tessa, I’m revising the entire series into one large novel. The story will remain the same, I’m not changing plot lines. I am adding details to Tessa’s life that were skimmed over the first time. I’ve already started the revising process and this book will be released in December.

I have ideas for a series of books based on statues coming to life. Funny, romantic, with a little paranormal. Those will be written as soon as Tessa’s book is completed.


Graylin / Rane