My name is Graylin Fox and I’m a mascara addict. Seriously, I have 30 different kinds in the bathroom drawer as I type this. One of the tubes I’ll never be without is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery.  I have fine hair, on my head and in my lashes. They’re also blonde. Which makes mascara a tricky thing. I have to find them before I can do anything else.


I love small brushes for ‘search and tint’ operations. Primers work well, but most of them are white and that doesn’t help blonde lashes! Ack! So I keep this mascara with me. It even works to brush out clumps from other “thickening” brands.

So, if you have lashes you can’t find with those big brushes, use this first. It does what is says and finds the smallest little lashes.

Happy Beauty!