I wrote this poem after 9/11. It still applies today. I’d hoped it would never be relevant again. Boston, you remain in my thoughts, even after they catch the men involved, as you heal.


The smoke still rises from NY and DC
the work could take months to complete
but we excel at repair and rebuild

We fought to build this country
and defend it we will
our principles cannot be torn by bombs

You have awakened a nation
that didn’t know it was asleep
and when you attack us from the outside
We descend on you as ONE.

Bodies were broken and torn
families have been ripped apart
You have caused a wound we will never forget
but it will heal

The anger of hundreds of millions
are now pointed at a few thousand
and we are not alone

The world will not stand still
you have no place to hide
flashlights are now being carried
by every nation and nationality
~even your own

Our flag can be blown apart
but everyone of us carries
the threads in our souls

It will always fly


Graylin Fox