Tarte Self Tanner

I love Tarte Cosmetics. It’s all organic, the packaging is recycled, and the colors are fantastic. Yet, when they came out with a self-tanner I was doubtful.

Holy Crap

See, I’m practically translucent. So when a product says it can tan you without turning orange, I doubt it.

Tarte didn’t lie. I can tan, slowly, with this product and not turn orange. They say it doesn’t smell like self tanner, it does. Just as bad as the rest of them. What it does do is tan me and then fade away without leaving those spots that look like age-spots. Even on my face. Hence the photo of my see-through face right here.

It’s now my go-to self tanner. I don’t use anything else. I still lay out in the sun, those posts are coming up this summer, but in the winter I can put on two layers of this, even on my face, and get a great tan for myself and not have to worry about looking scaly a week later.

See you next week,