Beauty Blog #1: Haute Gel Nails

I have a confession to make: I’m a skincare/makeup/hair care junkie. At 47 years old, the effortless look I aim for takes a lot of work. I started indulging my beauty product addiction in graduate school. I returned to college after a 17 year successful career in Information Technology. Yep, I was a professional nerd.

I went back to school and got my doctorate in psychology. I can tell you from experience that a person with serious mental health issues is easier and nicer to talk to than a “blue screen of death.” Since my grad school career started when I was 40, my classmates looked fabulous while I aged rapidly. After all, we were in South Florida. Studying for finals on the beach is great until you realize you baked new wrinkles into your face. ACK!

This blog will cover items I use personally. I won’t be making treks out to beauty supply stores to stock up on the latest things. I’m pretty good at that already and have a large collection of things under my bathroom sink.

haute gel nailsToday, I’m talking about Haute Gel Nail at home nail kit. I ordered this because I love to have painted nails but I’m hard on them. Anything on my hands needs to handle cooking,cleaning, typing, scrubbing.. every day things. If I have to baby my hands to keep polish on, I take it off.

It is easy to apply. The gel goes on a little thicker than regular polish. I put it on four fingers and then placed them in the light. It talks to you. It says you can press the button for 5 seconds to get her to stop talking. I couldn’t get that to work. BUT, it does bake the nails dry in 60 seconds. Yeah, I know, 60 seconds. So I put on a second coat and it baked in 60 seconds. I used the included wipes to take off the tacky film and my nails have been shiny for seven straight days. No chips, bumps, cracking, anything. I’m happily surprised.


You can even see where I messed up in application still there a week later. These are advertised to last two weeks. I’m getting antsy here and might change the color before then. For me, it’s worth the price to be able to have great looking nails for an entire week.

I already own the light, which is the expensive part of the kit, so I can buy as many colors (and Haute makes some fabulous ones) as I want.

Thanks for stopping by my new Beauty Blog weekly feature, check back for more!




  1. I’m excited to see your review of this. I am REALLY bad at applying nail polish and it usually chips within a day. For conferences, I typically get the gel polish put on at salon and I have absolutely loved it. Last year, my nails still looked perfect at the end of RT. Since I’m ending grad school and entering the “real world” in the next couple months, I was thinking about trying this sort of thing at home. Glad to see it works for you.

    • No problem Emily. I love this. I couldn’t last the full two weeks so I just took it off. The little envelopes with pads I got for remover worked fine. It says 10 minutes but it’s more like 12-15.

      The polish does peel off after that. And my nails are dry and a little rough, even after showering, so I can do another layer today. I’m thinking blue!

  2. I’d love to try this but I’m awful with nails and colour. A good shiny buff and I’m done… if I have the time. My vice is cuticle cream, though. I can go without colour or shine but never with awry cuticles! 🙂

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