Any time I take a break from writing, I’m reading. I love to lose myself in someone’s else’s world for a day or two. If that includes some fantasy and ass kicking, even better.

Here are the series I follow. I’ll even stop writing to read at least the first chapter when these are released.

Kim Harrison’s The Hollow’s Series. I love Rachel Morgan and her companions. This series reignited my passion for fantasy my last year in grad school when psychology had pushed everything else to the side.

Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin Series. Gin Blanco is an assassin with a group of friends that fascinate me. Jennifer created a villian, in Mab Monroe, that made me so angry I would yell back at the pages of the book.

Molly Harper, Anything she writes. I love fantasy books but even her “And Another Thing…” book hooked me. I laugh harder reading Molly’s work than I do with anyone else’s. Just read everything she writes. All of it.

Julie Kenner’s Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Series. Kate Connor lives in surburbia, has a teenager and a toddler, and hunts demons in the grocery store, her back yard, and anywhere else they pop up. I read every book in this series when I found it and keep rereading them today.

Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series. I found this series when I read an anthology and fell in love with it. I’m going to read everything she’s written eventually but for now, I make sure I never miss an Otherworld release.

Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series. (See a theme here? 🙂 The D’Artigo Sisters hooked me in an anthology. I’ve never looked back.

I read more than this, I also love Dakota Cassidy’s ‘Accidental’ Series, Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock Novels, Jim C. Hines Goblin series, Jocelynn Drake’s Dark Days, and Laura Resnick’s Esther Diamond series. I’m a voracious reader.

What are your favorite series?