This year I wrote 3 books. For me, thats HUGE. Next year I’m planning 4 books.

The 3rd Summer Fae book is in progress already. This time Tessa faces her sister, who may not be related by blood after all.

The second in my Dragon series. The first book in this series is on submission, I’ll announce here when a publisher picks up the series.

The third book is Gina the werewolf. if you search my site you will find some small snippets of her. This year she gets a full book to tell her story. She’s a bounty hunter who loves her job and hot male shifters.

There is a young twenty something gargoyle itching to have her story told. especially how she didn’t start off as a gargoyle. With her best friend and a small salamander, she has to find a way to become human again before its too late.

Happy New Year!