I started a new series recently and with each day I write it becomes darker. I love it. I had wandered away from the grotesque twisted poetry that built my writing career and now I get to play in the shadow of depravity again.

One of the first poems I wrote in 1994 stays in my mind as clearly as the day I put it on paper. I have submitted this one page lyrical description of a nightmare but have yet to find it a home.

A section of THE COURTYARD

You see the servant. You see his back, covered with welts and still dripping blood from massive shoulders. His hair is tangled, greasy and crawling with so many maggots, they appear to writhe in unison.

Disgust turns your stomach as you look past your captor to the passage beyond. The hallway is hewn of pure stone with torches set every few yards. A set of massive doors stand at the other end. The doors are monstrous, made of wood with brass handles and knockers spewing forth from the mouths of grotesque carvings. Images of death and torture are so intricately carved that the men look nailed to the door instead of carved on it.

As you near, the details become sharper. Not all the figures are human. Satyrs, centaurs, sylphs and zephyrs writhe in pain and horror. Body parts are scattered, limbs twisted and missing.


I miss writing poetry so I tend to put a LOT of description in my rough drafts. Occasionally, like with COMING HOME, it fits well enough to stay intact through editing. Otherwise I have wonderful friends and editors who tell me to stop blathering on about the scenery and get on with it.

This new series is so new I’m on the first draft of the first book. I’ll post updates as I go along. I’ve stopped blogging regularly to focus more on writing in every spare moment.

BLOODLINES: The Second Summer Fae Story will, hopefully, be released this fall. It is in the final editing stages as I write this.

SMOLDER: A contemporary romantic suspense is being considered for acceptance right now. *checks inbox* Yep, still being considered.

And this new one will be ready to submit by the end of August.

Thanks for taking the time,