I used the Scene Generator and got : Hitman, Cowboy, and Werewolf.

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I used to write poetry and then moved to short fiction. Today you get a mind dump from me. A little action from a female werewolf’s point of view.


So a hit man walks into a bar. No, that can’t be right. It’s too cliche. So a rich hit man in designer-cowboy-duds-a-real-cowboy-would-never-wear walks into a bar. And he was delicious. I could smell him over the sweat, angst, and alcohol. I’m Gina, I’m a werewolf, and I’m sure I was the target. At 5’5″ with shoulder length brunette hair I looked fetching in a western shirt tied at my waist and a denim mini skirt barely rested on my hips.

This had to be about last night. I went out with a cowboy. A real one. The kind that can pull a calf out of cow and not make girly-girls gag. His abs didn’t come from a machine or DVD, he earned them every day. We met here yesterday while I was eating my third or fourth meal of the day. We werewolves have very healthy appetites and the owner of this particular Houston bar is a friend. So, I was eating a huge steak and this cowboy walked up and said he could out eat me in the steak department.

I took the challenge and promised my friend I would stop a few bites past humiliation so as not to rub it in. And I did. I won and the cowboy was so impressed he offered to take me back to his place. I knew he wanted to see if he could ride me until I cried for mercy. Anything to get his pride back.

We went back to his farm just a few miles south of here. It was beautiful with acres of land my inner wolf wanted to check out. He offered me a drink, and then another. His kitchen was natural wood and the smell of oak filled the air. He tried to get me drunk. Not the brightest move but he didn’t know it at the time. His dog did. He barked so much when I walked in that he was left outside. Watching me with his master. I even let him see my fangs. He ran at the sliding glass doors with everything he had and knocked himself out.

I turned my attention to the hot cowboy who wanted a ride. He took me back to his bedroom and stripped my clothes off. I too had the kind of body earned by sweat and hard work. Seemed he was caught off guard by that as his breath escaped in one ‘woosh.’ I smiled and removed his clothes to reveal a tanned and toned body to rival any male model.

His ability to handle a werewolf with ease gained my appreciation as the hours wore on. And then he bit my neck. Not a nibble, a bite. I growled and my fangs dropped into place. He pushed me away from him and ran out of the house yelling into his cell phone. Well, crap. Another one. I got up and dressed. The dog looked triumphant as I let myself out the front door. I didn’t bother to look back it would take a while for him to realize he ran toward town naked.

I headed back to my hotel and would get up early to hear the story over breakfast from the local gossips. After a refreshing night’s sleep, I was back in my friend’s bar eating slabs of bacon while the buzz was all about Nick getting frisky with one of his animals again. Only this time he ran into town naked afterward. It was nice to find out his name. And that he made it into town on my fangs alone. Imagine if I had fully shifted.

I smirked into my coffee and looked up to see the hit man help himself to a seat at my table. His reputation for accuracy when hunting werewolves gave pups nightmares. He didn’t look that dangerous to me. He approached me with caution. Oh yeah, cowboy squeaked. This particular hit man took out some friends of mine just last month. It’s why I was on the move.

He didn’t say hello. Bad move. He opened up his jacket to show his big bad gun to the little lady. Worse move. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out back to teach me a lesson. His last move.


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