Guest Post: Olivia Brynn – Flipped

Hey, Graylin! Thanks for having me. I’m here to talk about my new release Flipped, a contemporary male/male short story about two guys flipping a house together.

Here’s the house. Isn’t it nice? Okay, maybe it needs a new coat of paint, but the inside is really shaping up. Thanks to Mario and Carter’s weekend work on every room in the place.


Mario swears they’ll triple their money when they sell the place. Would you like an excerpt? This is during the awkward morning after, and they still have work to do:

“I’m not going to get a damn thing done today.” Carter spoke over the racket of the compressor’s motor and the stereo where Mario had plugged in his MP3 player.

Mario tossed aside the sweat-soaked T-shirt he’d just peeled over his head, and turned to look over his shoulder at Carter. Every window in the house stood wide open, but there wasn’t a breeze to clean out the stuffy air caused by drywall dust, the compressor for the air-powered tools, and the sweat and heat from two male bodies.

“Too hot for you?”

“Very hot.” Carter set the trowel down and took off his own shirt. “But I think I can handle it.”

Mario watched each muscle in Carter’s abs ripple back into place as he lowered his arms. The freckle on his hipbone peeked from behind his waistband, making Mario’s mouth water. “Maybe we should work in separate rooms. I think I’d get more done if I didn’t stop to stare and daydream every thirty seconds.”

Carter shook his head. “Nice try. I know you hate drywall, and this is your way of getting out of finishing this job.” He crossed the room, a dangerous glint in his eye.

“No… I swear. That’s not what I meant.” Mario dropped the tape measure onto the tarp-covered floor. “It’s just hard—”

Carter reached him then and pulled him into a kiss, smothering the rest of his words before they even made it from his brain.

“It’s hard, huh?” Carter’s hand curled around Mario’s crotch, cupping his balls through his jeans.

Mario bucked into the caress. “It’s getting harder.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“Ahh… no. Wait. Yes. I mean… I can’t focus.”

“You’ve been focused all afternoon. Barely said two sentences in the last hour. Didn’t even sing along to that old Whitesnake song.” He jerked his chin toward the radio in the corner. “Now that’s focus.”

For more about Flipped, visit my website.

Thanks so much for having me, Graylin! I’d like to give away a copy of Flipped (or winner’s choice of my backlist) to one of your readers! If you’d like a chance to win, just comment here.

~ Olivia

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Earth Day Blog Hop – Love a Tree Read an eBook

Welcome to my stop along the Romance Me Highway of grass and Earth love.

This man counts as an Earth Day hunk. Just look at all that natural wood.


And now to completely change subjects. For this hop I’m posting a snippet of Your Biggest Fan, the ebook that is loaded on the reader for the winner. 😉

Mary’s first date with Dean… 

Dean walked her to the car, got her phone number, and they made a date for the following weekend. Mary checked her phone constantly. The ringer was never off, but just in case she bumped it and missed a call from Dean, she looked every hour. It charged by her bed at night in case he called. When Friday arrived, she had her clothes laid out three hours early. She took a bubble bath with scented soap, shaved, and put on scented lotion.
“You smell like dessert,” Ada told her, holding her nose.
“I want to smell girly,” Mary replied.
“Well, you succeeded,” Ada said as Mary finished applying lotion. “Now, sit down on the bed, and I’ll start on your hair.”
Ada had a talent for blow drying hair and making it look fabulous.
“Long and wavy,” Mary requested.
“You got it,” Ada pulled out a large, round brush and went to work.
The hum of the dryer prevented talking, so Mary let her mind wander. She wanted this to be the perfect first date. Dean sang and played guitar. Finally attracted the lead singer. And he was in college, with good grades. Mom will love him.
Her mother’s opinion mattered to her.
Ada finished her hair, and it was beautiful, falling in shiny waves down her back. She dressed casually in jeans and a tight sweater. A few bangles from her jewelry box on her wrist, silver stud earrings, and boots completed the outfit.
From their living room window, they watched Dean drive up in his convertible. He checked himself in the mirror before getting out of the car.
“How cute!” Ada exclaimed.
Mary felt her knees go a little weak. “Glad I’m not the only one who is nervous.”
He rang the doorbell, and Ada pulled the door open to reveal Mary standing in a sexy pose a few feet away, just as planned. His smile warmed her as Mary walked to Dean and put her hand into his offered one.
“You ready?”
“Yes,” she replied.
The top was up on the small convertible BMW as Dean helped Mary settle into the leather seat. She checked him out as he rounded the front of the car.
“I made some special arrangements,” Dean said, and started the car.
He maneuvered the car through campus and came to a stop just off Roth Way. He helped her out, and they walked over to the Meg Webster section of the Rodin Sculpture Garden. There, on the grass, was a beautiful blanket with a huge picnic basket on it.
“Do you like picnics?” he asked.
She only nodded as her eyes teared up and her heart beat faster.
“You are beautiful tonight,” he whispered in her ear as they walked.
The blanket was huge, anchored by the picnic basket on one corner and live, potted plants on the other three. Mary sat down, and when Dean joined her on the blanket, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
“Thank you,” she said.
“You are very welcome,” he replied. He caught her waist and pulled her into him. The kiss was slow, tender, and brief. Just as Mary began to melt, Dean pulled away and smiled at her. “We should eat while the food is still warm. Wine, my dear?”
“Yes, please,” Mary said.
The containers in the basket held homemade meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, and sautéed squash.
Dean’s homemade meatloaf melted on contact with your tongue. He was gorgeous. The moonlight streaming through the trees overhead made her feel like a princess from a movie. They ate in silence, and Mary didn’t want to disrupt the mood with the questions running through her head.
Are you real? Am I dreaming? You can cook? No, really, you can cook?
“That was delicious,” she said when she finished her meal.
He picked up their plates and placed them back into the basket. He held the wine bottle over her glass for a moment before she nodded yes.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
“Where did you learn to cook?” Mary asked.
“My mother taught me. She owns a restaurant just outside of Sausalito, and I grew up in the kitchen.” He grinned, and his eyes lit up when he spoke.
“You love it.”
“Yes, I love creating something out of nothing. I used to make new recipes when Mom let me.” He laughed. “Although, they weren’t always edible.”
She laughed with him. “Well, this was wonderful.”
“Thanks again.” He leaned toward her.
Their breath mingled as he hesitated for just a moment before kissing her. He was tender and took his time. The desire in Mary grew in intensity with every passing second. Dean lowered her to her back on the blanket and leaned over her.
“You let me know if you want me to stop.”
“I will,” she promised.
This kiss deepened, and he pressed his body on top of hers. As his hands roamed up and down her sides, she caressed his back and ran her fingers through his hair. His lips traveled to her neck, and she felt the cool breeze as he lifted her sweater and exposed her stomach. His fingers trailed up. He pushed his hands under her bra and gently massaged her breast. She adjusted her hips to close the gap between them and firmly grasped his waist.
His hands didn’t move to her jeans or even close to her waist. Her desire rose with the knowledge he would not press her to make love tonight. He caressed and kissed her face, but his lips never explored below her shirt. Only his hands massaged and rubbed her breasts until her nipples tingled and the cool breeze teased her.
Time had stopped for her. Enveloped in Dean’s strong arms, she didn’t want the night to end. When the urgency lessened, Mary searched his eyes for a reason.
“I want to give us a chance. I don’t think making love on the first date is a good idea,” Dean said.
A real gentleman. I’m in serious trouble here.

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Health Smoothie

I love this smoothie, I can feel naughty without blowing my health with a mound of sugar.


1 cup vanilla Soy or Coconut Milk

1 Med Frozen Banana

1 scoop Pure Protein Chocolate Powder

1 heaping teaspoon natural peanut butter (low sodium is best)


Put in a blender with ice and enjoy!



Romantic Times Convention 2012

This was my first convention and I didn’t want it to end. We had too much fun and I accomplished everything I set out to do.

This is my friend, Lisa Fox Romance.  Her blog is just littered with hot men in very few clothes.

Lisa Fox Romance

She drank champagne as often as they would let her, and that was quite a bit.


This is part of the group I hung around with. Great writers, great friends, and unapologetically raunchy. Which is why I love them.

Emily Cale, Liia Ann White, Lisa Fox

Here are my girls again, and Lisa and Liia both have champagne. This is celebrating Liia and I successfully pitching to agents on Thursday. We pretended we weren’t’ nervous. *shake*

Emily Cale, Liia Ann White, Lisa Fox

One of my favorite Authors is Jennifer Estep. I love the Elemental Assissin series. I tried not to be a complete fan girl when we were in Club RT together. A fellow southerner she is very nice and we were exhausted by this time (friday).

Jennifer Estep, Graylin Fox / Jonna Rae

The group I ran around with.. (or more correctly, tried my hardest to keep up with) ..

Liia Ann White, Emily Cale, Lisa Fox, Sara Brookes, Heather Bennett

Other great friends I met in person…

JM Madden, Graylin Fox / Jonna Rae

Before you ask, I’m 1/2 irish and 1/2 swedish, so no… the camera works fine.. I glow in the dark.

Seleste deLaney, Deanna Wadsworth, Mari Freeman

Seleste was with me on the “no fan girling all over Jennifer” table. 🙂 Deanna is hysterical and I have to thank Mari Freeman for helping me out at the eBook signing. She’s a pro. She’s also stunning and one poor young cover model raced back and forth from his spot to hers.

A race that PG Forte and I found so amusing we now giggle just seeing each other.

It was a LOT of fun and I can’t wait for next year.

See you in Kansas City,

Graylin / Jonna