Let’s talk a moment to head to the ranch. We can start with some hunky cowboys to get us in the mood.


Dr. Devon Kealy was lost and his cell phone battery died an hour ago. A small detour on the slow-as-mules horseback ride from the ranch to the mountains and back left him alone and the sun was setting. His horse grumbled each time he took the reins and snapped his head to pull them out of Devon’s grasp.

“Okay, I’ll pretend you know where the hell we are out here and how to get home,” he said to the ornery horse.

“She likes to be in control.” A female voice piped up from behind him.

He yelped and held onto the pommel with both hands. “Are you trying to get me to fall off?”

“It will be okay. These horses make these runs all of the time. They can get us back even if we can’t see.”

At that comment, he turned behind him to see Susie, the zookeeper who joined the Valentine’s Day Getaway at the Ranch, tilted on her horse. One hand on the pommel and the other on the neck of a near empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Beautiful, feisty, and drunk was not his usual type of woman but Devon felt his jeans grew tight while he watched her.

“I wish I had thought of that.” Devon wanted to be drunk right now. His skill with women was limited to admonishing his college students to turn their papers in on time. Women his own age scared him. Especially strong women his own age. As he thought about the drunk woman behind him his hands got sweaty and he wiped them on his jeans.

“Shit!” The zookeeper shouted and he heard a thump. Her horse neighed and when he turned to see what happened she was gone. Her horse stopped and looked into the woods at the side of the trail.

“No. I’m not going to go in there to find her, ” he said to the horse who now stared at him. “I would get lost and you two will stand here pissed off at us stupid humans until the rancher comes back to find us.”

He sat on the horse and listened to the silence. A small laugh off to his right caught his attention. “Did you fall off on purpose? You could have told me you had to pee!”

Now he was angry. He jumped off the horse and walked in a huff toward the sound he heard. He was not prepared for the sight that greeted him.  She had her pants down to her ankles and had fallen onto the ground.

“You could have told me you had to pee.” He was embarrassed. She was sexy with shoulder length black hair and green eyes and all he could think was that he didn’t want her to put her pants back on.

“See something you like Professor,” she reached for his outstretched hand and almost fell over.

He caught her and pulled her to him. “You are drunk. I don’t take advantage of drunk women.”

She leaned into him and ran her free hand down between his legs. “Sure feels like you want to. You’re cute with your little glasses, perfect hair, and blue eyes. I want to play with you.” And she grabbed onto him, hard.

He tried to pull away but she had a good grip and as he looked over her shoulder to see if he could set her down she dropped the bottle and pulled his lips to hers. Devon had every intention of pulling away and respecting her dignity if he could just stop his hands as the roamed all over her petite muscular frame.

“Susie, I really shouldn’t do this while you are impaired,” he said as he managed to get free.

“Devon, I’ve wanted you since I got here. I just got drunk enough to try. Now let’s get back on those horses and we can finish this the right way back at the ranch.” She stumbled into the darkness.

He took off after her and caught up as she tried to mount her horse. The horse wasn’t having anything to do with her and pranced out of the way.  Devon picked Susie up and carried her to his horse.

“If we are going to do this right. Let’s start now.” He helped her onto the horse and rode behind her.

She flipped around to face him, took his face in her hands, and kissed him so hard he dropped the reins and let the horses lead them back.


~~~ Happy Valentine’s Day, Graylin



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