Spreading the Love Blog Hop

Welcome to my small stop on the Spreading Love Blog Hop and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Unconditional Love

Your heart is in my hands

you gave it without my asking

and now I feel both joy and fear


It has been so long since I was loved

so completely and totally

that I’m afraid


I hope I can honor your heart

Your pure sensuality is new to me

your desire for me is astounding

I do not see in the mirror

the person reflected in your eyes


You have a beautiful heart and soul

I carry it carefully and walk gently

so afraid that my rough edges

will scar your innocence


You take my breath away

each time I look at you


I will try with all I have

to live up to the person you believe I am

not just for you but for me




Valentine’s Treats

This weeks Thursday Treats are joining with Free Poem Friday for the Valentine’s weekend. Look for the Blog Hops and Six Sunday posts that will show up on this blog on the 12th and 13th.

Here is the first poem I wrote, the one that started it all.

Still love it.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Valentine’s Day you will remember.


My Warrior

He is always with me,

My handsome warrior.

In my mind’s eye,

he is now as he was then.

Tall, strong, and forceful,

he captured me with his spirit,

the song of the hunter,

the wonder of the wild.

The force that carried us,

through many a darkened wood,

is with us still.

Now as we wander,

from moon to moon,

tirelessly seeking to reunite our souls,

time passes slowly.

My warrior loves me,

who fought at his side,

and shared his heart.

That love is what drives me,

each new dawn

to venture forth,

and seek him out again….

My warrior.