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Joyful Anthology Announcement

In the world of publishing, I am used to things moving slowly.

And then I submitted ‘Blood Bound’ to House of Horror.

They accepted it for publication within hours and today, 7 days later, I get an email informing me my poem has been picked by the Chief Editor for the Best of 2010 Anthology.

Happiness is on me today… all over the place.



3 Responses to “Joyful Anthology Announcement”

  1. Lisa Fox says:

    Congratulations!! I’m not really surprised that it would be picked for the Best Anthology, your writing is quite beautiful and haunting.

  2. Layna says:

    Congratulations Graylin! Very exciting news. 🙂


  3. judith says:

    Very Very happy for you. You’re a terrific writer.

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