Skin Deep by Karen Chance

The war mage Lia, is introduced to us as someone who has a knack for finding trouble. Or more accurately, being found by trouble. A dragon ward has embedded itself in her skin. Now moving of it’s own will over her body and she is not quite sure what this means. It may just come in handy when she needs help. Her mate is missing, so ignoring orders to stay put, she heads under Las Vegas to find him. The Hunter may have him, may or may not exist, but she is determined to find out. Fighting young wolves and following her connection to her lover, she finds clue

s to who the Hunter is, and why he has been killing.  Weaving a story of love and family that includes humans, werewolves, and magic protection that appears to go on just slightly out of view of the thriving humanity. Never quite sure Lia will survive this battle, the reader is taken along for an exhilarting ride.

Armor of Roses by Marjorie M. Liu

I was fascinated by the use of demons in this story. Sleeping just under the skin as armor for their charge, passed down from mother to daughter. Protecting, but not always very helpful, I easily pictured gargoyle-like demons whose memories cross time. This is a time travel story that doesn’t feel like one. The voice of our heroine never leaves the present so there isn’t the disconnect I sometimes feel when a character changes timelines. Her determination to follow her grandmothers wishes, to save some, drives her to risk time travel paradigms, argue with her very young grandmother, and enlist the assistance of children. Children whose lives she is trying to save in the future from a threat she doesn’t understand until she sees it personally.

Etched in Silver by Yasmine Galenorn

I loved this story. A little bit of heat mixed in with danger and magic moves this story along very quickly. This is a novella of the authors Otherworld Series. However, even those who have never read one of those books will be easily drawn into this world. I think we can all sympathize/emphathize with the annoying boss, but one who threatens your career unless you sleep with him? I wanted to slug him!  Camille gets a little assistance from Trillian, and he is yummy, dangerous, and will end up in your dreams! This novella felt like a mini-action movie to me, and now I’ll break a credit card to get the rest of the Otherworld series.

Human Nature by Eileen Wilks

FBI Special Agent Yu has to fly across the country to investigate the murder of her mates best friend. Six months since the Turn, now humans and werewolves exist openly in the same society. Not everyone is happy with that. And then someone is murdered. The death was unusual, a lupine was murdered without changing into a wolf and his blood is missing. This story fits into a series and if you have not read them, it is a great introduction to two of the characters and their touching passion for each other (panties!). I did not know who the murderer was, completely fooled the entire story until the end. I love that!