computer_engineer_barbie_revisedOK, Geek Girls, here’s our chance to make a difference!  At Mattel is allowing us to vote on “Barbie’s next

Yeah, I know.  She’s been a vet, a school teacher, a doctor, an animal
trainer, a rock star, and a race car driver.  She’s had a zillion hobbies and
sports careers.  She’s been a fashion icon for a certain segment of the
population for fifty years.  And none of that really applied to us geeks, did

Now we have the opportunity to choose her next career, and here are the
News Anchor


Wait for it …

Computer Engineer!

That’s right, Geek Girls.  Here is the chance for us to embrace Barbie as one
of our own – or not.

Personally I am torn.  I am opposed to the fantasy that is Barbie, the
physically-impossible body, the avarice of her extensive collection of
accessories, and the infamous “Math is hard!” speaking Barbie.

On the other hand, here is a chance to subvert the paradigm and make Barbie a
geek.  A fashionable geek, I’m sure, but still a geek.  And in spite of my own
lack of fashion sense I know that it is possible to be both – there are
several examples I can think of off the top of my head, like the
physicist/author who also fronts an alt-rock group.  If that isn’t glam, I
don’t know what is!

Therefore, I have been to the Mattel site and voted – ghods help me! – for
Computer Engineer Barbie.

At least this way if I have to buy my granddaughter a Barbie doll, I’ll have
the choice of a Geek Girl, and not just a fashion plate.

Christina York

(It worked! Barbie’s new job is Engineer)