Recently I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about the impending end of Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, and reflecting on the Jonathan Franzen dust-up.  Basically, the author asserted that literature was the last bastion of the snob, and Franzen should have simply said “Thank you” for the one gift that writers want above all: Readers.

While I think there are still plenty of venues for snobs in art and music and film as well as literature, her point was well taken.  Sharing stories, making them part of the popular culture, is my primary goal as a writer.  Oh, and thanks, Graylin, for the readers!

Now I hear some of you out there saying, “Wait a minute!  Don’t you live in Oregon?  Why are you reading the Los Angeles paper?”  Yes, I do live in Oregon, but thanks to technology, I can read papers from all over the country – and the world.

Let me backtrack.  In July, the regional daily raised its price again.  Out here at the edge of the earth, the cost was about $45 a month.  At that time, a Kindle cost $269, and a national newspaper was about $14 a month.  The $31 a month savings, coupled with a collection of several small gift certificates, made the Kindle a cost-effective move.

Not to mention, it’s totally cool!

So the DH (dear husband, for the acronym-challenged) got one for his birthday, and we immediately discovered the downside.  I wasn’t going to read anything on it unless I murdered him and pried the thing from his cold, dead hands.  I’ve invested over 25 years in training him – though not necessarily successfully – and even a Kindle wasn’t worth throwing away that much work.

After stalling a couple months, we broke down and bought a second Kindle.  It was really the only solution.  If we’d waited a little longer, we might have purchases a Nook instead, to hedge our bets.  But, we are enjoying the ability to share books between the two readers.

Which brings us back to the newspapers, DH went with the New York Times.  I sampled both Seattle and LA, and ended up with the Los Angeles Times.  I am happy with what I’m getting for my $10 a month; yes, the LA Times on Kindle is $9.99 a month.  Talk about a bargain!  It will take a little longer to amortize our investment with two Kindles and two newspapers, but getting the paper in an easily portable form, without even having to go outside and pick it up?  Priceless.

And sometimes I find interesting stuff – like why Jonathan Franzen is a snob.

I love technology!

Christina F York